The Handbook on B2B Marketing with Attitude

When we say handbook, we mean it. In fact, think of this as a full-on marketing seminar in a book.

The handbook does come with an attitude, but it’s really all about how to get stuff done. Most chapters are in-depth looks at B2B marketing essentials – your “marketing toolkit.”


What You'll Learn

Where to start? The handbook is so full of B2B marketing guidance, you’ll probably find something you can use every day.

Get Noticed
Learn the fast track to getting trade/industry PR up and running
Share Your Brand Story Better
Learn a different and more effective approach to building presentations
Increase Your Star Power
Learn to maximize the power and influence of industry awards
Make White Papers Work for You
Learn how to increase the impact and staying potential of white papers
Get Ready For Your Close Up
Learn mind-shifting webinar techniques that will improve and boost your webinar presentation
Content Is King
Learn how a good dose of content marketing can build a stronger brand

Overview of The Smartass Marketer's Handbook

The Handbook provides a detailed reference for essential pieces of B2B marketing strategy. Read straight through or browse chapters like these:

Chapter Two

Your Marketing

Think of your annual marketing program as your company’s wardrobe. Invest in a few versatile content pieces that you can wear over and over in many ways, and you’ll be prepared for any selling occasion.

Chapter Five

Marketing Toolkit
Press Releases

For a small business, medium-sized technology companies with limited marketing resources, or even big enterprises with lean staff, press releases can be your best friends. More affordable and versatile than advertising, you can send releases to clients, partners, employees and of course, the press and industry influencers like analysts, consultants and bloggers.

Chapter Six

Marketing Toolkit
Case Studies

Case studies rank with the most powerful and useful content marketing tools you can have in your bag of tricks. You can clearly and in (reasonable) detail tell the story of how you helped a real customer solve problems. The market sees the stories as credible endorsements (just don’t use that word anywhere in your pitch to the potential customer. Too scary.) But there’s just one problem.

Chapter Nine

Marketing Toolkit
Industry Events

The exhibiting and conference business has taken a hit in the last decade or so, but there are still enough trade shows around to keep B2B marketers busy. This chapter focuses on some of the things you should consider in addition to ordering carpet and plants and hoping your demo staff shows up for their shifts.

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The Testimonials

See what others are saying about The Smartass Marketer's Handbook.

Chad Pollitt, Social Media Today

It’s a culmination of some tried and true traditional tactics mixed with some of the hottest ones marketers are clamoring about today – presented with a smartass attitude, too, which makes it a fun read. This is problematic because we often don’t recognize or even see the value in adding different or more traditional tactics to our current mix. Carro Ford’s book forces us to break the tunnel vision and take a wider view on what we do on a regular basis. For experienced marketers this book represents a valuable tune-up and health check. For newer marketers this book is a must-read. In fact, my entry level new hires will be given a copy on their first day. Read the full review...

Alex Barca, Content Marketing Forum

As reported in our recent 2015 Content Marketing Tactics and Technology Planner, leading marketers are most concerned with a limited budget and a lack of resources. If you are looking to overcome these challenges and take your marketing practices to a new, smarter level, take a look at Ford’s new book, The Smartass Marketer’s Handbook. I recommend this book for any marketer who is looking to enhance their marketing toolkit. Read the full review...

Matt Payne, President, LeadSwell

The Smartass Marketer's Handbook is a must-read for every hardened veteran of B2B Marketing. Carro has survived the trenches, she's practical, thorough, insightful, funny & gives solid, modern perspective on content marketing. If the title alone doesn't grab you, her subject matter will! Thanks a ton Carro, your book has been a great resource for me, I can only hope it will positively impact my fellow smartasses.

Paul Sanders

It’s [the smartass'] offbeat, clever commentary that makes the reader stop and think, driving the message home. This relevant and compelling book does the same by irreverently showing how to develop and implement effective marketing. Read the full book review...

Chris Hawkesworth, Global Marketing Program Manager, Xerox Large Enterprise Operations, UK

A fantastic must-read book for all marketers! A light hearted yet insightful and practical book which covers a wealth of topics. The perfect reminder of the B2B marketing essentials, if you read the free chapter as I did, you won’t be disappointed when you get your hands on the full version of the book. An all-round big thumbs up!

Brenda Mattingly, Executive Director, Southwest Community Ministries (Louisville, KY)

Sassy, clever, and no-nonsense. Ms. Ford's book offers invaluable advice. Non-profits looking for fun and illuminating guidance within the constraints of a tight budget will get critical, sound advice they usually could not afford. A must-read "bible" for nonprofit administrators and board directors. Enjoy!

Nicole Bencomo

Just awesome. This book really hits the nail on the head and provides a wealth of useable marketing insight. It has become my new marketing Bible!

About The Author

It Was Marketing All Along

When I was stumbling from college into the business world, I never dreamed I’d turn out to be a marketing expert. Looking back, I don’t see how I could have been anything but a marketer.

There’s no career path with so many angles, market opportunities or skills to learn, and I’m living proof of that. Marketing has been my entire career (except for a few awful months doing weekend news on a country station.) Most of that time was in B2B, other than an eight-year stint in retail bank marketing. In between corporate jobs, I ran my own PR and content agency for 14 years, and I still keep a handful of freelance clients.

There’ve been many marketing encounters, from multi-nationals to start-ups, from international clients I’ve still never met face-to-face, to the ones who’ve become friends. I’ve worked with marketers in business training, call centers, digital printing, document technology, logistics companies, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, plastics extruders, professional associations, trade publications, virtual office firms, research firms, and others that escape me.

The point is not to show off, but to validate that I have a lot to share about B2B marketing. And that’s what this book is all about.

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